Surgery for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes recurring, unprovoked seizures. Your doctor may diagnose you with epilepsy if you have two unprovoked seizures or one unprovoked seizure with a high risk of more. Not all seizures are the result of epilepsy. Seizures may relate to a brain injury or a family trait, but often the cause is completely unknown.

The Journey to Epilepsy Surgery : What You Need to Know
Epilepsy surgery has been a treatment used to help control seizures for over 100 years! Improvements in modern methods have made epilepsy surgery safer and more available than ever before.

What is epilepsy surgery?

Epilepsy surgery is a type of brain surgery used to stop or reduce the
number of seizures. It’s a planned surgery, meaning it is rarely done in an
emergency. People are first seen at a comprehensive epilepsy center for
testing to see if surgery may be right for them. The epilepsy team also will
consider what type of surgery may work best.