Brain Surgery


Neurosurgery or brain surgery refers to surgical procedures of the brain or structures around it and is done to correct any abnormalities such as tumors or aneurysms. It is a critical procedure and is performed by trained neurosurgeons in a highly specialized environment. Recent advances in brain surgery have allowed a higher number of doctors to prescribe it under some circumstances, and depending on the placement of the structural aberration, the health of the individual and the severity of the issue, the brain surgery types to be performed are suggested by the doctor. Minimally invasive brain surgery procedures through precision instruments have become possible today with more technological development on this front, reducing the number of brain surgery risks associated with the procedure.


Structural abnormalities of the brain that may require a brain operation include:

Congenital brain defects such as blood vessel malformation where connections between veins and arteries are formed in the brain region

Internal bleeding in the brain due to an aneurysm where an arterial wall weakens and ruptures
Blood clots and bleeding in the brain are corrected through brain operation to prevent further trauma to brain tissue surrounding the problem area
Epidural or subdural abnormalities such as hematomas are corrected through suitable brain surgery procedures
Edema of the brain is the buildup of fluid around the brain causing swelling and recurring headaches and pressure to the brain
Brain tumors are usually removed through critical brain surgery, especially in the case of cancer formations
Doctors may suggest brain surgery in certain cases of epilepsy caused by an abnormality in the brain structure, or pressure on a nerve
Neuropathic pain may occur when a nerve between the brain and the spine is damaged due to a stroke, tumor or accident, among other causes
Infection in surrounding areas or brain tissue may cause the area to be filled with the infected material, and a brain surgery may be suggested to drain the abscess
Parkinson’s disease may be helped by brain surgery where the nervous signals required to control motor function are too weak or abnormal


Deep brain stimulation
Endonasal endoscopic surgery
Awake brain surgery